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About Totara Vale + Unsworth Heights

Totara Vale is a suburb of North Shore City. It is located about four kilometres from central North Shore City and about 17 kilometres from central Auckland. Totara Vale has access to two local reserves; Rewi Alley Reserve and Totaravale Reserve. Both contain great outdoor opportunities for the whole family, including leisurely walks and family picnics. Totara Vale has a small range of amenities, or a much greater variety can be found in neighbouring suburbs.

Unsworth Heights is the adjoining suburb to Totara Vale. It is located about five kilometres from central North Shore and 16 kilometres from central Auckland. Unsworth Heights contains a number of amenities in the immediate area, including a number of specialty stores, day-to-day necessities and a small number of caf├ęs and restaurants. Neighbouring suburbs, North Shore City and central Auckland, provide a greater choice of amenities. Central Auckland also provides a range of entertainment options.

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