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About Te Atatu South

Te Atatu South is a suburb of Waitakere, situated where the peninsula meets the rest of the land and is about 13 kilometres from central Auckland. Te Atatu in Maori means ‘the dawn’.

Close to the city but still offering a village-like atmosphere and water on three sides, Te Atatu is a very popular choice for first home buyers and those moving from the city for a lifestyle change. Its location allows the suburb easy access to the city and Henderson town centre. Its elevation allows views back on to the city and Waitakere ranges. It has coasts backing on to water on its eastern and western sides with walkways and cycleways on both sides. Te Atatu South has a strong reputation for solid family homes close to good shops, motorways and schools.

Like the Peninsula, the area is benefiting from significant interest with the development of the closeby Waterview connection. New road tunnels will link the SH16 with the SH20, providing easy access to the airport, improve the existing links to the city and further beyond.

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