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About Takapuna

Takapuna is located on the isthmus of a peninsula which extends south into the northern waters of the Waitemata at the harbour's eastern end. As such, the suburb has a coastline on Shoal Bay, an arm of the Waitemata to the southwest, as well as having a coast on the Hauraki Gulf to the northeast. The northern end of the suburb is dominated by the large volcanic crater of Lake Pupuke. Some points in Takapuna are less than 500 metres from all three of these bodies of water. The Hauraki coastline includes a kilometer long crescent shaped beach (Takapuna Beach) which is a popular recreation area for the local area.

To the southeast of Takapuna lies the six-kilometre-long peninsula which contains the suburbs of Belmont and Devonport. To the west lie the suburbs of Hillcrest and Northcote. The suburb of Milford lies to the north, on the far shore of Lake Pupuke. The Takapuna Beach area is a nightlife hub and boutique shopping centre of the North Shore, having more than 60 bars, restaurants, and cafes and over 400 retail shops.

Soft white expanses of sand, complimented by great shops and its proximity to the CBD makes this city-centre a highly desirable location for both living and working. The area is prosperous, dynamic and diverse, and offers a range of quality lifestyles. There are numerous education and employment opportunities within the board area. The area has potential in its central business area and wider precincts to further develop into the southern hub of the North Shore, and the council has recognised this potential in creating this forward-thinking planning framework for the area.

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