New Windsor Sales Reports

To view more details of Sales History in New Windsor, please choose from the list of available reports that appear below. Note, the reports will open in a new browser window/tab or download direct to your mobile device depending on your operating system. Older reports were previously merged with the suburbs of Avondale and Waterview on our website. Click here to open older PDF reports.

February 2019

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About New Windsor

New Windsor is located 10 kilometres from central Auckland and it neighbours Mt Albert, Avondale, and Blockhouse Bay.

Suburbs in this area are increasingly popular and undergoing rapid transformation as the new Waterview Connection road project, soon to complete, will join the SH16 and SH20 transport corridors with the SH1 and beyond.

There is a variety of amenities, including parks, local shops, restaurants and Unitec. St Lukes & New Lynn Shopping centres are also closeby. The CBD is easily accessible by road and frequent public transport links. There are many options for leisure activities in and around the nearby Te-Atatu Peninsula, Waitakere Ranges and West Coast Beaches.

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