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About Cockle Bay, Shelly Park & Somerville

Cockle Bay, Shelly Park and Somerville are areas that adjoin Howick and are located appoximately 23-25 kilometres from central Auckland.

Cockle Bay is a beautiful coastal town, which has become very popular. Many of the more affluent homes in the area have stunning views over the Gulf and coastline. Likewise, Shelly Park is a sought after suburb because of its great location. Residents enjoy easy access to the nearby beach and the Shelly Park Cruising Club provides docking facilities. The beach is also popular for boating, fishing, swimming and other water sports. Somerville is again also very popular, with a mix of residential properties in the area. It contains a wide range of amenities, including day-to-day necessities, specialty shops and a range of dining options. The nearby Meadowland Reserve is also great for outdoor activities for the whole family.

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