Avondale Sales Reports

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July 2019

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About Avondale

Avondale is about 12 kilometres from central Auckland. It has become an increasingly popular area as one of New Zealands biggest Transport projects, the Waterview connection links major motorways in a ring road around Auckland and to the CBD.

The so-called Avondale spider (Delena cancerides), an introduced species of a spectacular but harmless Australian huntsman spider, was for decades only found in the area surrounding Avondale and thus received its New Zealand name. Being introduced to New Zealand in a shipment of timber to the Aitkins Timber Yard in Patiki Road was left to spread avoiding extermination so it's distribution pattern might help with the identification of future introduced pest dispersal.

Avondale is home to Avondale College, the third largest high school in New Zealand. The Avondale Jockey Club operates the Avondale Racecourse - one of only two gallops tracks in suburban Auckland and the location of the Sunday markets, the largest in the country

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