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About Bucklands Beach & Eastern Beach

Bucklands Beach and Eastern Beach are suburbs of the Manukau region. Located approximately 18 kilometres from central Manukau and 21 kilometres from central Auckland, these suburbs are incredibly popular locations to live and for those from across Auckland to visit.

The areas are family-friendly, with stunning views from most homes toward the beautiful, white sandy beaches in the area. The beaches are safe for swimming and offer ample opportunity for a wide range of water sports. A popular destination in the summer, Bucklands Beach has a range of shops available as well as some dining options. It is close to plenty of parks, providing the perfect opportunity for a family picnic or leisurely walk.

At the peninsula's northernmost point, Musick Point juts into the gulf. This was named after Captain Musick, an American who pioneered long range flying boat travel. The Musick Point radio station (built in 1940) was an important part of the NZ coastal network; serving aircraft and shipping. A golf course now occupies this end of the peninsula and at the tip of the peninsula is a reserve open to the public. It has extensive views over the inner gulf and is a favourite location for wedding photos.

Locals divide the beaches into:
Big Bucks (from the old yacht club at Grangers Point northwards)
Little Bucks (from the yacht club at Grangers Point southwards)
Eastern Beach
The Back Beach (series of small coves at the base of the cliffs north of Eastern beach). This is accessed by a steep, unstable track off Clovelly Road. This track was destroyed in a winter storm in 2009 but has been replaced by a new track in 2010 located about 500m further north.

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