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About Panmure

Panmure is a south-eastern suburb of Auckland City, in the North Island of New Zealand. It is located 11 kilometres southeast of the city centre, close to the western banks of the Tamaki River and the northern shore of the Panmure Basin (or Kaiahiku). To the north lies the suburb of Tamaki, and to the west is the cone of Maungarei / Mount Wellington.

Panmure was an important town and port as it was strategically placed near the narrowest part of the isthmus, and during the New Zealand land wars of the 1863 it became a very busy place. Even after the railway reached Auckland in 1908, Panmure somewhat continued as a transport hub — steamers from Auckland en route to the goldfields in the Coromandel and Firth of Thames would call in here.[citation needed] Panmure prospered partly due to being on the route between Auckland and the much larger fencibles settlement of Howick in the 1800s. People and goods used the ferry at the narrow point below Mokoia Pa.

Until about the middle of the 20th century, Panmure remained a prosperous but mostly pastoral setting, the smallest borough of Auckland, and described as "a quarter of a square mile of farmlets surrounding a sleepy village that boasted little more than a church, post office, a handful of shops, and a two-storey hotel that was widely known from horse and buggy days".

It was only with the explosive growth of suburbia around it after World War II, and better bridges to Pakuranga that Panmure relatively suddenly started to grow significantly, and become a commercial centre.

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