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About Eden Terrace

Eden Terrace is an inner city suburb of Auckland, located 2 km south of the Auckland CBD, in the North Island of New Zealand. Eden Terrace is one of Auckland’s oldest suburbs, and also one of the smallest, at just 47 hectares (ha) is second only to Newton (43.2 ha).

Basque Park is a north-facing reserve in Eden Terrace, a former working class suburb in central Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand.[1] It is surrounded by Symonds Street, Newton Road, New North Road and the North Western Motorway. Basque Park as viewed from Rendall Place. This green area was part of a group of important working class housing suburbs of New Zealand. Based in the most densely housed urban area in the country Basque Park served as a recreation area for the suburbs of Arch Hill and Newton.

*source: Wikipedia