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About Bayswater, Belmont & Narrow Neck

Bayswater is a suburb of Auckland City in New Zealand. It lies on a peninsula which juts into the Waitemata Harbour. The suburb is in the North Shore ward, one of the thirteen administrative divisions of Auckland City. Bayswater was originally named O'Neill's Point after the first European settlers in the area, brothers Allan and James O'Neill. Originally settling at the point (which still bears their name) at the end of the peninsula in the 1840s, by the 1850s] the O'Neills owned the entire peninsula. Some time later the area was renamed Bayswater after one of the more expensive new inner suburbs of London. The London Bayswater is located north of Hyde Park and was developed during the middle of the 19th century. The name was chosen for the Auckland suburb to evoke a sense of style as well as being a straight description of its physical location as a seaside development.

The name Belmont means "good view or hill" and derives from a farm estate called "Belmont" subdivided in 1885. The area adjoins Bayswater and Narrowneck and enjoys close proximity to Takapuna Grammar School, Belmont Intermediate and Belmont Schools. Surrounded by lifestyle activities in closeby Devonport and the popular Narrow Neck beach, Belmont is a popular choice for home buyers in the area.

Until the mid-19th century, Devonport was connected with the rest of the North Shore by a causeway between Ngataringa Bay and the Hauraki Gulf. This causeway gave the appearance of a "narrow neck". On the eastern side of this strip of land is the Narrow Neck beach, on the western side there was an extensive mangrove swamp. In the late 19th century the majority of this mangrove swamp was drained and filled in creating land used as a racecourse until the 1930s and subsequently a golf course. In the World Wars the area was used for a military training camp. Close to the western edge of the reclaimed area a new road was put through creating a more direct link between Devonport and Takapuna. Today, Narrow Neck is a popular beachside destination for those from Auckland all-over.

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