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About Glendene & Sunnyvale

Glendene is located about five kilometres from central Waitakere and 17 kilometres to central Auckland. Adjoining Sunnyvale About Sunnyvale is located about four kilometres from central Waitakere and 18 kilometres from central Auckland.

Glendene has a relaxed community feel and contains a shopping complex called Glendene Village, which contains a pharmacy, video store, cake shop, bakery, hair salon and dairy. The suburb also contains service stations, a community centre and fast food restaurants. Parks in the area include Parrs Park, Hepburn Park, which has access to the coast, Tirimoana Reserve and Glendene Reserve. Many homes command stunning views over the hills of the surrounding area. All provide excellent outdoor opportunities for the whole family.

Henderson is nearby and offers a broader range of shops and other commercial activities, while the ranges and west coast beaches remain within an easy travelling distance.

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